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Let the Hunger Games Roleplay Begin

This is a blog strictly for Hg role play. More on posts below :3 May the odds be ever in your Favor,send all applications and tasks to- -Game maker Thomas
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  • The Hunger Games!

    As you all know the rebellion has been started a while back.. Apparently, we have missed some parts of the rebellion, after some of our tributes “took their last breath” last year. We have been cleaning up and gathering our gamemakers. The capitol is up and running again
    We will be under maintence for a while, but apply now… Its fine
    Our page;
    Has all of the information. U can apply and once we get 15 tributes u have 3 days to submit. After that any spots will be filled by NPCs who will die in bloodbath, promise.You better get trained!There will be many tricks in theese games, Promise to have interviews,training, e.t.c

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    Good luck with your test :) and I'll try my best to help, have we got any tributes yet??


    No not yet.. blog has been down for a while

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    Oh my! So sorry! Us gamemakers have been very busy! Please forgive us :3 Feel free to apply. 

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    1- Laurels camera
    2-laurels charm(from bag)
    3- Her bunny
    4-Her bag
    5-another bracelet, Thomas had given her afterwards,

    Laurel’s Last interview!(Script form)

    -This is writing straight from our Favorite character so far: Laurel-

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, the first ever victor of the Hunger Games, Laurel Bellerose"

    Laurel walked onto the stage in a gorgeous blue lace dress that stopped just above her knees. She looked completely different from the girl who everybody had watched win the games, you could hardly tell it was the same girl.

    Caesar: Hello Laurel, it’s lovely to see you again.

    Laurel: Hello, and you Caesar.

    Caesar: So, first ever victor, how do you feel?

    Laurel: Honestly, emotional.

    Caesar: What do you mean?

    Laurel: Well I feel excited and relieved to be alive and going home to my family, guilty because of the other tributes and shocked that I’m here.

    Caesar: Well I have to admit, when I last spoke to you, I honestly didn’t expect you to do as well as you did.

    Laurel: If I’m being honest, Caesar, neither did I, haha.

    Caesar: Haha, what changed in the arena then?

    Laurel: Well I was never going to just give up anyway but when I had managed to get to the last three something just clicked and I thought “you could actually do this, Laurel, you could go home”.

    Caesar: But what kept you going until the last three, what motivated you to not give up?

    Laurel: Mainly my family.

    Caesar: In what way?

    Laurel: They mean everything to me and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them so every time I came close to giving up I thought of the goodbyes on reaping day and it pushed me to keep going.

    Caesar: If you don’t mind me asking, what was so special about your goodbyes on reaping day?

    Laurel: Well there were a few things. Firstly,my younger sister, Daisy, didn’t know what was happening because she was too young so I told her I was going away for a bit but I’d be back soon, and I didn’t want to break that promise. Also, as my older brother left the room he turned to me and just said “see you soon sis” which is so typically him but it also showed he believed in me. And lastly, I never thanked Diane for being the best friend anyone could have and I couldn’t die without her knowing that.

    (Laurel started to tear up but fought back the tears, Caesar noticed and patted her arm comfortingly)

    Caesar: That’s a beautiful story, Laurel, thank you for sharing it.

    (Laurel had composed herself a bit more now and smiled at Caesar)

    Caesar: A little birdie told me you might have some exciting news for us about the next games?

    Laurel: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, haha. For the next hunger games I’m going to be co-game maker.

    Caesar: Congratulations, that’s really exciting.

    Laurel: Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, it will certainly be different.

    Caesar: Very true. Well time’s up, lovely speaking to you again, Laurel and well done. Everybody, Laurel Bellerose, your victor of the first ever annual hunger games!

    Laurel:(Begins getting up as Caesar stops her)

    Caeser: My girl, For going through the first ever hunger games, and being able to figure out every last detail, I beg you take this, (Hands small Blue bag, having an outside of fishnet) Here, We have put something in there, It would be really appreciated, if you’d open it now,

    Laurel:(Opens bag to find 3 boxes, Opens a gold small one to find a leather bracelet engraved Family Forever.)Thank you… This really looks lik-

    Caesar- We know, Your bracelet was ruined so we decided to get you a new one.

    Laurel:(Grabs another box and opens to find camera similar to the one in the game) Uhh, Tha-(Begins to have fear)

    Caesar: Just watch the video, Im sure the capitol -looks at audience- Would love to see it!

    Laurel: (Watches video of family congratulating her,)

    Family in video:
    Daisy: Laurel? Can you please come home, I miss our games together
    Brother: Laurel, I know you can do this! Its just 2 people! Your to clever and to far to die now, I know you, Little Sis, Im not going to have to say goodby-
    Video ends

    Laurel:Caesar, I- I- i— Dont know what to say, Thank you So much

    Caesar: Ah yes, But i think you forgot about something,

    Laurel- Opens last, very large brown box with holes on top- Wow, Ceasar, This is bou- (Opens box to find bunny) Ceasar, I cant believe it!

    Caesar: I think Daisy will enjoy that bunny at her stay in the capitol this year, And many years to come.

    Laurel: I love you all! Now i must truly get back to see my family!

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    Your heart beats to the sound of your name.”You?Chosen for the reaping?” Your anxiety causes you to tense up before silenty standing up.As you follow the peacekeepers you begin to pray, This cant be the end of your life!
Have you ever dreamed of being a tribute? Going through the trials, of interviews training and more!Then your at the right place!To apply go to

    Your heart beats to the sound of your name.”You?Chosen for the reaping?” Your anxiety causes you to tense up before silenty standing up.As you follow the peacekeepers you begin to pray, This cant be the end of your life!
    Have you ever dreamed of being a tribute? Going through the trials, of interviews training and more!Then your at the right place!To apply go to

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    Laurel at her last interview!!! She is now the new Co-gamemaker.

    Laurel at her last interview!!! She is now the new Co-gamemaker.


    Laurel waited silently in her beautiful blue dress. Sequence glittered in the light as her Stylist began washing her face. She couldn’t believe this, Her family was waiting to see her, but thats not whats bothering her. It was the fact that she had killed 23 other tributes, or allowed the gamemaker to kill them, anyhow, she felt traumatized. The hospital, where they had healed her wounds, has been filled with peaceful paintings. She was suprised the capitol can live like this, allowing innocent kids to die, and then betting on them, and then even living a normal life.Her mind drifted to the small blue painting consisting of a beach, Oh how she loved fishing.But being a mentor meant traveling, and leaving her family, but just as she thought that, The gamemaker, Thomas, had come into the room.”Hello,” He began scanning the room “Ah, here it is,” He ran over to the small camera Laurel had used in the arena. “Ah, smart girl, Learning the arena like the back of your hand,” He smiled. “Im sure your family would love to live in the capitol,” He asked looking at Laurel. She never agreed with becoming spoiled but atleast her family could live without starving, or without clothes, or without fear.. “Are you saying, No wait.. Can i fish?” Thomas smiled sheepishly. “You can do anything you want and more,” He paused again “Thoose brains would be great for an arena,”
    He looked at her hoping she would agree. “Like.. Building it or, Being a co-gamemaker?” She asked beginning to get her hopes up. “A co-gamemaker, for a couple of games, as many as you want, I mean if you want.” She nodded happily as her stylist began crying of joy, “Oh honey, How great!.” Her stylist padded Thomas on the back. “Thank you..” Laurel Murmured before walking onto stage.

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    You sit there.Deciding if you shall stay as silent as a lamb or show your strength.Once decided to try your best you pass your competition.”Huh?” You murmur as you watch your competitors train.They are all stronger than you,although, you hope sponsors and gamemakers can help you with that, Only one way to find out.
    Okay, so my first games didnt go out as planned. I promise though, this will be unforgetable. I will get as gory as the books intend, and i wont be as nice as i was last year. Any dead, or victors from last year are aloud to apply in this games. Theese games will have interviews, public and private training, the justice building, and anything a normal tribute must do. My apologies to people last games who did not get a very long game because they did not get to do the interviews and things.To apply go to
    all info there, so thats basically it for now, apply to play, the games will last a week or two, at the most 4, but probably wont become longer than a month.
    SO welcome welcome, May the odds be ever in your favor, Goodbye

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    The last day, The battle!

    Laurel waited as Davis weeped.Davis, who shut the world out, was now allowing Laurel to poison her weapons.In a matter of seconds she screamed,causing Davis to stumble out of the Cornucopia.This was all she needed, a clear shot. But Davis had already grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down.They began rolling, as their jewelry swayed.Each person trying to stab the other but missing.Davis, who had lost his jewelry from his fall, was now swatting at birds.But this wasn’t enough for the gamemaker, as they started acid rain. Laurel, now thinking of the mystery liquid, pulled it out and threw it in the air, hoping it would kill Davis.To her surprise, it came down like a rock, hitting her with a splash.But she wasn’t dead, the liquid was in fact to shield her from the rain.Davis, now with a slash in his neck, fell with a thud as the poisonous acid rain seeped into the cut.Once the cannon was fired Laurel stared. All the disasters slowly disappearing until there was sunlight.She fell on her knees, and began thanking her family for the sponsors.The sponsors had saved her many times, and at least she would be alive to thank them.For once her life, felt more than just a piece in the puzzle, just helping to finish the puzzle of district one and panem who lived a great life. For once, she was cherished, and treated well, She couldn’t believe her eyes, had she actually been able to do this, Or was it a trick, just for the gamemakers to kill her. But as the Hovercraft began landing, she cried of joy mumbling the words
    I will fight for my family, i did fight for my family,
    I am alive for my family

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